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5 MODULES + 2 ceremonies: MARCH  29, 2024- MAY 25, 2024  IN ENGLISH

Why Ceremonial Cacao?

We are convinced that Cacao is a master plant that can transform your life. Our ancestors, especially the Mayans, used cacao as a sacred elixir and to access other levels of consciousness and wisdom. Cacao Amaité is a consciousness expansion project that shares the wisdom and the simple Path of the Heart through Cacao: trainings, courses, processes and ceremonies.

8 WEEKS OF FULL IMMERSION: March 29 - May 25

We know that today more than ever that life becomes complex we need accompaniment, simple but powerful tools that connect us with our inner peace and that we can also share with others.

What is included in this Training?

☾ 35 hours of transmission in English. There are 5 modules of 5 hours each plus 2 online Cacao Ceremonies of 2.5 hrs each one + 2 Q&A classes. 

☾ Modules 3, 4 and 5 will be given live by Haliama. Module 1 & 2 are professionally recorded (you have 2 Q&A classes to cover these modules). It is an 8-week training and transformational group process.

This is a unique opportunity: both a Cacao training and a transformational process in a feminine way. If you expect to only receive information on a mental level abuout Cacao and don't practice or challenge yourself, this is not the offering for you.  Haliama has deep experience in transformational processes on herself and will guide you to transform your limiting beliefs and step into live with a more open, sweet and powerful heart. We will be approach this training from our divine feminine energy.

☾  By finalizing the traning, you will do a groupal test (very easy if you attended the modules). We want to make sure that all the souls studying with us have a solid background to share the Medicine with wisdom, practice and knowledge.

☾ By passing also an individual test and cacao practices, you can receive a diploma from Cacao Amaite crediting you have all the knowledge to share traditional cacao ceremonies.

☾ With your registration you will receive a brief manual with a summary of the content of the Training and a recipe book to prepare delicious elixirs with Cacao.

☾ 30 doses of our ceremonial cacao in Mexico or United States or 750 gr if you are in Europe. You only pay the shipping.

☾ Classes are recorded during training in case you can't take them live. They will be available until the training is over.

☾ We will open a private Facebook group/Whatsapp (up to the group) for broadcasts and accompaniment.

☾ At the end of the training you are part of the Community of Cacao Amaité graduates. Here we continue to share and support your way in tribe. We continually offer free ceremonies for our graduates and you have a space to host your own ceremonies.



You do not need any previous experience with cacao. We suggest that you feel a call to work and/or share Cacao in a sacred and ceremonial way (what you are looking for is already looking for you). If you feel that I'x Cacao is calling you, here it is :) If you are taking antidepressants, have low blood pressure, have heart disease, are pregnant or nursing, don't worry, we will see these cases in detail during the training.

How much energy does I need to invest?

This training is deep but we have time to integrate everything (8 weeks). The module classes will be shared live and direct and will be recorded until the end of the training in case you couldn't connect. Later you will have indefinite access to our private Facebook group where you can continue practicing what you have learned and meet the other ceremonialists. Medicine is lived day by day and the more energy you put into your relationship with I'x Cacao, she will show you more secrets :)

This process is for you if you want to:

  • Solid training as a cacao ceremonialist creating a deep connection with the plant.

  • Know and experience cacao from a ceremonial perspective, as a sacred master plant according to the Mayan worldview.

  • Learn to prepare your own ceremonial Cacao. Know the history, process and properties of cacao holistic medicine.

  • Know and work in your day to day with the sacred Mayan calendar. Know and activate your Mayan nahual in your field.

  • Have information and own experience on how to create a sacred space and share a traditional Mayan ritual with cacao, what are the best days to do it. Find your own way to start sharing your own cacao rituals and circles.

  • Discover in cacao a tool that allows you to connect with your inner peace, your tranquility and your confidence, and how to share this with others. Heal emotional wounds, learn how to turn poison into medicine. Have a map of what your gifts, gifts and challenges are.

During the training we will be working with the Sacred Mayan Calendar, Evolutionary Astrology and Medicine Wheel that will allow you to deepen your practice. You do not need any prior knowledge, we will take care of translating all the information you will need. Please contact us in the contact section if you have any questions.

MODULE SCHEDULE (Mexico city time)

You will receive all the scheduled dates in your own calendar.

Opening Cacao ceremony Friday March 29  (morning Mex, evening Europe)

Module 1: Sunday, Apr 7 (morning Mex, evening Europe)- East Course. The seed of Mama Cacao is sown and born in our hearts.

Module 2: Sunday, Apr 14  (morning Mex, evening Europe)- South Course. The seed is harvested: we expand and share from the heart.

Module 3: Saturday, Apr 27   (morning Mex, evening Europe) - West Course. We delve into medicine. Deep water work: transform your perception, transform your life.

Module 4: Saturday, May 4  (morning Mex, evening Europe) - North Course. We transform wounds into blessings and gifts: My medicine at service.

Module 5: Saturday, May 18   (morning Mex, evening Europe) - My own course, my offering. We create and act from the heart.

Final Cacao Ceremony Saturday May 25  (morning Mex, evening Europe): After completing the final test, we will have a final ceremony with the graduates.



Testimonials Czech Republic

Guidance of Haliama is very gentle and simple, yet very powerfull and deep. In czech language we have for it word ,,jednoduchost“, which means simplicity, but it consist of words,,unity“ and ,,spirit“. This is how Haliama works. Im very grateful for sharing her traditional wisdom with us, for amazing cacao Amaité she brings us here, and everything, what she do for opening our hearts and strengthen our bodies with vital force of Spirit. Drinking cacao every day with sacredness is literally life-changing experience of how we feel, think and act in our daily life. Thank you very much for this experience of love!“

Margot Rahimée Gabrielle, Women leader, Czech Republic

I love cacao. Have no every day, but I work with him very much. With my heart and emotion. In November and December I will have my first cacao ceremony at my seminar. Cacao have very nice energy, very strong and lovely. On the training by you in Brno, I get with cacao initiation and blessing for my mission of soul and my life. I worked with samanism for many years very intensively, but a few months from this time not. Now I feel the new connection, with the plants, cacao, animals, ancestors etc :). Thank you very much for your wonderful training. 

Miriam Stelariia Alaria. Spirit & life & business mentorka, Czech Republic

Testimonials Mexico

It really exceeded my expectations, it was an incredible workshop, the energy and the magical way of sharing this knowledge by Haliama was incredible, I feel really happy and grateful for having met truly wonderful beings, once again I verify that cacao is the heart medicine.

Ana, Yoga teacher, Mexico

This has been a very enriching workshop as it helped me connect at an even deeper level of my heart, thus opening me to new possibilities and practices, helping me to remember and regain my value as well as my life mission, Thank you Haliama!

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