About Haliama

● ☽ ❍ ◯ Who is Haliama? ◯ ❍ ☾ ●

Haliama (moon in Huichol) from Mexico is the creator of Cacao Amaité. Ceremonialist woman and specialist in Mayan Ceremonial Cacao. Haliama has studied and practiced cacao with Mayan abuelos and shamans from Guatemala and she has also been guided by I'x Cacao.

She discovered that her soul purpose is inspiring others on how to live more expansive, magical and abundant lives.

Cacao allowed her to integrate her work in Sacred Feminine, Shamanisn, Meditation, Tantra Yoga, Astrology and Herbalism.

What else about Haliama?

Haliama is Kundalini Yoga teacher. Currently she is studying Astrology and Ayurveda. 
Before, she graduated from mathematics and computer science from a top school in Mexico. She loves traveling, reading, preparing cacao, and learning all things related to spirituality and mysticism.