About Cacao Amaité

What makes Cacao Amaité unique?

Our Cacao is Ceremonial-grade. For the slang connoisseur "ceremonial grade" in practice means it is consciously handled from seed to cup:

1. It´s 100% pure cacao paste, nothing added (no sugar, fats or conservatives).

2. It's ethically sourced and produced.

3. It's minimally processed thus keeping intact its medicinal properties (vs cocoa or dark chocolate)

But our commitment with Cacao goes far beyond that.

Mayan energy from origin

Our 100% pure Cacao is criollo variety (the finest seed) and comes from Mexico and Guatemala. In these regions the Mayas, one of the most revered and developed ancient civilizations, cultivated Cacao and drinked as sacred elixir in ceremonies and rituals. For them it was also channel to connect to the wisdom of the Gods and a symbol of wealth and power.

Cacao was very sacred for Mayas and their knowledge was forgotten for many years after colonization. We share Cacao honoring Mayas legacy, knowledge and deep wisdom.

Created by Medicine women

Our Cacao is harvested and prepared with love, care and respect by women with the intention of supporting the mind and body healing.

Cacao Amaité was created by Mexican medicine woman Haliama after offering many traditional Cacao Ceremonies and healing processes to souls in Mexico and Europe.

More than a product

Cacao Amaité's core purpose is to help awaken consciousness using Cacao as a sacred plant as Mayas did.

Haliama learned with Mayan abuelos and Cacao Shamans from Guatemala the ancient wisdom encrypted in Cacao and received an initiation to share cacao in traditional ceremonies.

Haliama also studied the scientifically-proven properties of Cacao and how to mix it with other medicinal plants. She shares both ancient and modern knowledge through unique and life-changing workshops, courses and Cacao ceremonies.

More than fair trade

We are blessed to travel and cooperate directly with amazing families in Mexico and Guatemala that take care of small and organic criollo Cacao plantations. For us they are cacao keepers and a key element in the work we do. We pay premium prices for their cacao medicine and financially invest to improve their processes. We are friends and partners.

Made with care in small batches

Our Cacao is clean, artisan-made step by step and keeping the tradition alive from the cacao fruit to the cacao paste. The elaboration process is completely different from the chocolate industry's.

It is prepared small batches to ensure its high quality, purity and the potency of its medicinal properties. Small batches of the criollo seeds are fermented, naturally dried with the sun and roasted in clay plates. Then the seeds are hand-peeled, grinded in traditional mills and the cacao paste is molded by hand.

Cacao Amaité comes from Madre Tierra to your heart.

I want to start drinking this medicine
Ceremonial cacao paste is ready to add to your cup!

Easy to consume

We worked hard with our families to create an easy to consume ceremonial Cacao. Our Cacao comes in individual doses ready to add to your cup and drink. You don't struggle to cut a big block and get the right quantity. Further, with your purchase we teach you how to use our Cacao and the indicated dosage for your selected use.

Why Cacao is resonating with many hearts?

"Whenever the balance in the world becomes threatened, Cacao comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the world to a state of harmony". Ancient story