Haliama will be in CZ this summer sharing events to awaken your Heart!

Enter to a space of heart-centered inner transformation with Mayan ceremonial Cacao, the Food of Gods and Goddesses


For ceremony and inner work

In Cacao Amaité we believe that LOVE is the most powerful, transformative and healing energy. Cacao is known as a medicine that help us open our heart and connect to higher states of consciousness. For many years drinking cacao in sacred ceremonies as the Mayan Civilization did, was lost and forgotten.

Now as humanity is in a process of awakening, we know I'x Cacao is here again to support us in this individual and collective consciousness evolution, guiding us through unconditional love, compassion and surrender.

For body and mind health

100% pure ceremonial cacao is a complex cocktail with more than 300 beneficial compounds. It's rich in minerals and antioxidants and packed with neurotransmitters to improve your mood. Regularly drinking ceremonial cacao has many scientifically-proven benefits.

Physical: improves circulatory and immune system, helps anti-aging, reduces bad cholesterol and increases the absorption of other nutrients.

Mental and emotional: makes you feel more happy, relaxed, at peace and connected with yourself and other people.

Start drinking cacao Amaité

For increased focus and creativity

Cacao contains theobromine, a gentle and grounded stimulant, very adequate and healthy substitute to caffeine. Cacao energizes you and increases your focus and awareness.

Also, drinking cacao allows higher blood circulation in your body and to your brain. This improves your physical and mental wellbeing and relaxation, hence facilitating creative processes. Creativity can only arise in relaxed and aware bodies.

Our love-work for Cacao

"What You Seek Is Seeking You" - Rumi

Our purpose

What makes Cacao Amaité unique?

Our offerings

Cacao Amaité's LOVE offerings.

Take a look at what resonates the most in your Heart .

The experience with our Cacao, our ceremonies and workshops

Ceremonial Cacao Workshop. It really exceeded my expectations, it was an incredible workshop, the energy and the magical way of sharing this knowledge by Haliama was incredible, I feel really happy and grateful for having met truly wonderful beings, once again I verify that cacao is the heart medicine.

Any, Veracruz, México

Ceremonial Cacao Workshop. This has been a very enriching workshop as it helped me connect at an even deeper level of my heart, thus opening me to new possibilities and practices, helping me to remember and regain my value as well as my life mission, Thank you Haliama!

Ana Rojas, México

Ceremonial Cacao Workshop. As a yoga teacher I really wanted to learn how to do cacao ceremonies for my students. In this workshop I learned from how to cook cacao in various ways, the history, the benefits, to how to prepare and guide a ceremony from start to finish. From this course I took the knowledge of this medicinal tool for my practice and it also allowed me to belong to a community that we are still in contact with, sharing stories and cacao.

Alejandro Gutiérrez, Valle de Bravo, México

Ceremonial cacao workshop. It is a very practical workshop that allowed me to connect in a smooth way with the energy of cacao and with this the experience was much more sensory than technical, which for me was the key to the workshop.

Omar Ortega, Estado de México

Ceremonial Cacao. Cacao arrived at the perfect moment in my life where I could feel the effects and the magic that it activates in your body. The process was so loving that everyone could get to experience this medicine from the heart. You feel the solemnity of each person who participates in the process to reach our cup and have an incredible experience, I am and will be so grateful with this medicine that it is part of the options to use with my patients and family in moments of personal introspection .

Oscar Valdez

Ceremonial Cacao Workshop. I loved the cacao workshop. I discovered many wonders of cacao and its magic. It taught me a new way to connect and share spaces of consciousness and healing from love.

Bernadette, México

Ceremonial Cacao. I do not remember the first time I tried chocolate, what I do know is that in my life it has always been present and has accompanied me in important moments. Since he was a child he drank it almost every day, at dinner or breakfast, in an atole or in a bar; And yes, with the word chocolate I mean that powder that they sell with a lot of added sugar and almost nothing of what today is cacao.
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Alde, Mexico

Ceremonial Cacao. Just as this chocolate accompanied important moments, day by day, cacao came to me like magic to accompany me in one of the darkest and at the same time most beautiful moments of my life, by this time I knew a little more than what was the cocoa but I had never incorporated it into my walk, maybe, even if they tell us that we have wonderful things in front of us, we never pay attention to them until they are revealed to us.
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Alde, Mexico

Ceremonial Cacao. And just like that, without thinking about it, just feeling and letting myself be carried away by the impulse of the call, I began to incorporate it into my life. I would like to say that it was something completely calculated but it was not like that, learning to see each other is one of the greatest things we can do by being in this world, knowing each other, loving each other and being are the points that scare us the most and I include them because they are that these words can resonate with you.

Alde, México


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