Frequently asked questions

Theobroma cacao,translated from the Greek to mean "food of the gods," is one plant that will never let you down. Through the good times and the bad, in times of high anxiety and too much stress, during relationship problems when it seems that all of the passion is gone, when there is no one around to talk to, or when no one will listen, understand, or believe in you, Theobroma cacao,otherwise known as chocolate, is always there to make you feel better.”
Margot Berwin, Hothouse Flower and the Nine Plants of Desire

Q: What is ceremonial Cacao? A: 1. Is 100 % cacao (completely different to cocoa that is the cheap dry powder that some companies sell as "cacao") that is native/Criollo, typically it comes from Mexico and Guatemala. 2. Is minimally processed. For example, wood roasted in small batches vs oven roasted in large quantities., cutted by hand vs cutted by machines. 3. Also knowing the source of the Cacao is key and taking care and giving back to the Cacao keepers in the plantations. 4. The intention of why the elaboration of the Cacao should be for healing or spiritual/sacred purposes. Is very different a Cacao that is used as a supplement.

Q: What is a cacao ceremony? A: A sacred space where we drink cacao to quiet the mind, connect to our heart and expand the human experience and connect to our inner divinity. In a traditional ceremony we honor the ancient civilizations that used cacao as a sacred medicine, we honor the elders, grandfathers and grandmothers that carry the Cacao wisdom and knowledge, we honor Mother Earth because Cacao is an expression of her abundance and feminine beauty and finally we honor the pure Spirit and frequency of Cacao Medicine.

Q: What are the benefits of Cacao? A: I like to teach to my students that Cacao is a holistic Medicine: body, heart, mind and spirit. Cacao is a very potent healing plant that can help us to relax the body and release physical tension, release emotional baggage and psychological stress, improve mental concentration, increase vitality, arouse sexual energy, harmonize hormones and menstrual cycle for women. Plus helping yo to connect deeper with your Heart, your soul, the authenticity of your Being, bringing then more joy and relaxation to your human experience. What are you waiting to start drinking cacao?!

Q: Everybody can drink cacao? A: Almost everybody, cacao is a very gentle medicine. But if you have important cardiac conditions, low pressure, cannot digest fats, you need to check with your doctor. Also, if you are a cat, dog, horse or parrot you cannot drink cacao as your body cannot digest the theobromine in cacao.

Q: What is the daily recommended dose? A: I recommend around 20 grams in the morning (I call it meditation dose) with your morning ritual (time for yourself before you go into the agitation and Doing of the world), then you can have a last cup in the evening (not so late if you have problems sleeping) just to relax and take a moment to slowly end your day.

Q: What is the dose recommended for ceremony? A: We recommend around 34 grams with a window to ask for a 2nd cup. A 3rd cup could be so much and people may begin to have headaches.

May Cacao become a loving powerful ally in your way back to yourself, to your Heart. Please write to us to cacaoamaite@gmail.com if you have more questions about Cacao! We would love hear from you. Much love, Haliama.