Traditional Cacao Ceremony from Mexico in Prague, Czech Republic - July 26th, 2024

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Traditional Cacao Ceremony from Mexico in CZ



Hello beautiful soul! 

We invite you to come to the Cacao Amaité Ceremony in Prague on July 26th Traditional Cacao Ceremony from Mexico in Prague under Cacao Amaite project 
Cacao, Mayas and mysticism history, Sound Bath, Medicine songs, Guided Meditation in the Heart, Cacao and love! 
The event will be presented in English with translation to Czech
At the end of the Ceremony, you will be able to purchase Cacao Amaité and have it received in your home. 100% pure Mayan and fair trade cacao made with one of the best cacao beans in the world. Just arrived to the Czech Republic!


Friday July 26, 17:00 hrs - 20:00 hrs.

Where and how much?

Maitrea, Prague
Týnská ulička 1064/6, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia
How much? The Cacao Ceremony costs 39.52 euros per person.


You need to reserve your place before the ceremony. Space will be for limited quota 

You can invite your friends and family... who wouldn't like to have a cup of traditional chocolate? 

What is a Cacao ceremony?

It is a therapeutic group process to gather together as a family in a safe, loving and guided space to connect with our being and listen to our deepest truth: that which comes from our hearts. We drink a cup of ceremonial cacao (aka medicinal chocolate), a master ancestral plant, and undertake this journey within ourselves. Cacao will help us to open our hearts and relax our bodies and mind.


 Who shares the Cacao ceremony?

Haliama (moon in Huichol), Mexican explorer of life, sower of seeds and holistic therapist. After a deep journey (which continues and will continue!) of self-discovery and healing, she knew that her mission is to awaken consciousness using tools to heal, embrace, love, empower, and expand ourselves, and then, be able to share this with other beings. Aware of the importance of having holistic spaces in cities, Haliama built @casaamaite two years ago, a healing space in the heart of Mexico City, where therapeutic processes and holistic workshops are shared.
Haliama has been working with cacao in a ceremonial way for several years and shared many ceremonies for many souls (@yolotlcorazondespierto and @casaamaite). In her intense work with Cacao Spirit she created Cacao Amaité, a project that seeks to share with the world the medicinal and spiritual properties of Mexican Mayan cacao, producing the best 100% pure cacao: made with one of the best seeds of the world (criollo real del Soconusco), organic, artisan, and easy and delicious to consume. To achieve this, Haliama traveled directly to Mayan lands in Mexico and she works directly with families under a conscious scheme, building close relationships with them and investing on improving their processes to elaborate the cacao.
Rituals and ceremonial altars, meditation, cacao, yoga, reiki, sonotherapy, work with medicinal plants, healing chants and medicine music, are some of the tools she uses in the therapeutic processes she shares. The energy that sustains and from where all this work is shared is that of pure and universal love and for the benefit of our hearts, our relationships and all sentient beings.


What to expect in a Cacao ceremony with Haliama?

Cacao ceremonies with Haliama are deep but very loving, every soul is welcomed and honoured. We sit together in a circle around a beautiful handmade altar with 4 elements and 4 directions, and a guided therapeutic and energetic process is woven, where the cacao drink, sharing the multiple benefits and history of cacao, conscious breathing exercises, soft bodywork, live sonotherapy with special instruments, healing chants, guided meditation and aromatherapy are progressively shared.
This ceremony will last 3 hours. It is a deep therapeutic process.
At the end of the session you will feel relaxed, loving and calmed. This is the natural state that is reached by being in connection and harmony with yourself. I will be very happy to share together!

 What to bring and how to prepare for the ceremony?

- Please come with white shirt or complete white dressing.
- Bring flowers for the altar.
- Bring thermo with water. If you have a rattle, bring it 
- Drink at least 2 liters of water previous to the ceremony.
- Avoid spicy food the day of the ceremony.
- Some adjustments in dosage are made for pregnant or breastfeeding women, low-pressure, taking antidepressives and diabetic. Please let us know if this is your case.

 Gratitud infinita. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.  



Testimonials Czech Republic

Guidance of Haliama is very gentle and simple, yet very powerfull and deep. In czech language we have for it word ,,jednoduchost“, which means simplicity, but it consist of words,,unity“ and ,,spirit“. This is how Haliama works. Im very grateful for sharing her traditional wisdom with us, for amazing cacao Amaité she brings us here, and everything, what she do for opening our hearts and strengthen our bodies with vital force of Spirit. Drinking cacao every day with sacredness is literally life-changing experience of how we feel, think and act in our daily life. Thank you very much for this experience of love!“

Margot Rahimée Gabrielle, Women leader, Czech Republic

I love cacao. Have no every day, but I work with him very much. With my heart and emotion. In November and December I will have my first cacao ceremony at my seminar. Cacao have very nice energy, very strong and lovely. On the training by you in Brno, I get with cacao initiation and blessing for my mission of soul and my life. I worked with samanism for many years very intensively, but a few months from this time not. Now I feel the new connection, with the plants, cacao, animals, ancestors etc :). Thank you very much for your wonderful training. 

Miriam Stelariia Alaria. Spirit & life & business mentorka, Czech Republic

Testimonials Mexico

It really exceeded my expectations, it was an incredible workshop, the energy and the magical way of sharing this knowledge by Haliama was incredible, I feel really happy and grateful for having met truly wonderful beings, once again I verify that cacao is the heart medicine.

Ana, Yoga teacher, Mexico

This has been a very enriching workshop as it helped me connect at an even deeper level of my heart, thus opening me to new possibilities and practices, helping me to remember and regain my value as well as my life mission, Thank you Haliama!

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