2 Day Ceremonial Cacao Initiation for Women in Prague, Czech Rep - July 27th and 28th - 2024

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JULY 27 and 28th - PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. Limited spaces available.


Why ceremonial cacao?

We are convinced that cacao is a master plant that can transform your life.

Our ancestors, especially the Mayans, used cacao as a sacred elixir and to access other levels of consciousness and wisdom.

Cacao Amaité is a project for the expansion of consciousness that shares the wisdom and the simple path of the heart through cacao: workshops, courses, processes and ceremonies.


We know that today more than ever that life becomes complex, we need simple but powerful tools that connect us with our inner peace and that we can also share with others.

We invite you with love to an ONLINE INTENSIVE CEREMONIAL CACAO WORKSHOP. Learn everything you need to start having your personal ceremonial cacao practice and feel confident to share it with others in a ritual and sacred context.


SUNDAY JULY 28th : 10 AM - 5:00 PM (PRAGUE TIME)


What does this workshop include?

  • Two days of specialized classes taught by Haliama, specialist in Mayan Ceremonial Cacao and creator of Cacao Amaité.
  • Two Cacao Ceremonies guided by Haliama to activate your divine feminine connection with I'x Cacao.
  • Instruction, tools and practices to create a sacred space and your own rituals with Cacao. 
  • A bag of 750 gr of ceremonial cacao and an artisanal Mexican grinder engraved with your name if you sign up before June 26th. If you sign up later, the pinwheel will not be engraved.
  • Access to our private Facebook group to share your practices and rituals once the workshop is over.

Previous experience

You do not need any previous experience with cacao, although it is better if you have already had ceremonial cacao. We suggest that you feel a call to work and / or share Cacao in a sacred and ceremonial way (what you are looking for is already looking for you). If you feel like I'x Cacao is calling you, this is it :)

If you are taking antidepressants, have low blood pressure, a heart disease, are pregnant or nursing, write to us to give you special instructions on taking cacao.

What energy does it require from me?

This workshop is an intensive 2 days. Classes will be shared in situ in Kmen in Brno, Czech Republic. We require your 100% commitment for the full weekend (no plans before or after).

Later you will have indefinite access to our private Facebook group where you can integrate and put into practice what you have learned and share your practice and rituals with cacao with the other members.

 Medicine is lived day by day and the more energy you put into your relationship with I'x Cacao, she will show you more secrets :)

This process is for you if you want to:

  • Know and experience cacao from a ceremonial perspective, as a sacred master plant according to the Mayan cosmovision.
  • Learn how to prepare your own ceremonial cacao.
  • Know the history, process and properties of cocoa as a holistic medicine.
  • Have information and own experience on how to create a sacred space and share a ritual with cacao.
  • Find your own way to start sharing your own rituals and cacao circles.
  • Discover in cacao a tool that allows you to connect with your inner peace, your tranquility and your confidence, and how to share this with others.
  • Keep sharing your own rituals and practices with other people.

This is NOT:

  • A training, certification or facilitator course to share Cacao Ceremonies (this is a long process that requires more time and commitment, however this is a good place to start if you feel called to share Cacao).
  • A personalized therapeutic follow-up

During the workshop we will share some very digested tools of the Sacred Mayan Calendar, Evolutionary Astrology and Medicine Wheel that will allow you to deepen with your practice. You do not need any prior knowledge, we take care of translating all the information you will need.

 Please contact us in our Contact section if you have any questions.



Testimonials Czech Republic

Guidance of Haliama is very gentle and simple, yet very powerfull and deep. In czech language we have for it word ,,jednoduchost“, which means simplicity, but it consist of words,,unity“ and ,,spirit“. This is how Haliama works. Im very grateful for sharing her traditional wisdom with us, for amazing cacao Amaité she brings us here, and everything, what she do for opening our hearts and strengthen our bodies with vital force of Spirit. Drinking cacao every day with sacredness is literally life-changing experience of how we feel, think and act in our daily life. Thank you very much for this experience of love!“

Margot Rahimée Gabrielle, Women leader, Czech Republic

I love cacao. Have no every day, but I work with him very much. With my heart and emotion. In November and December I will have my first cacao ceremony at my seminar. Cacao have very nice energy, very strong and lovely. On the training by you in Brno, I get with cacao initiation and blessing for my mission of soul and my life. I worked with samanism for many years very intensively, but a few months from this time not. Now I feel the new connection, with the plants, cacao, animals, ancestors etc :). Thank you very much for your wonderful training. 

Miriam Stelariia Alaria. Spirit & life & business mentorka, Czech Republic

Testimonials Mexico

It really exceeded my expectations, it was an incredible workshop, the energy and the magical way of sharing this knowledge by Haliama was incredible, I feel really happy and grateful for having met truly wonderful beings, once again I verify that cacao is the heart medicine.

Ana, Yoga teacher, Mexico

This has been a very enriching workshop as it helped me connect at an even deeper level of my heart, thus opening me to new possibilities and practices, helping me to remember and regain my value as well as my life mission, Thank you Haliama!

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